Packaging machines

Albyco provides sealing and shrink systems of AVC. These systems are specially adapted for printing enviroments. The conveyor belt of the shrink tunnels are provided with a teflon layer for a proper shrinkage around the package. Sealing and shrinking offers several important advantages over packed in boxes. The flexibility of the film, you always have available the appropriate packaging format. Sealing and shrinking ensures a water- and dust-proof packaging. Moreover, you can always see what is in the package because it is transparent.

Albyco offers two types of sealing and shrink systems; the Hoeksealer 350 with shrink tunnel and Easy Shrink Packers. The hoeksealer with shrink tunnel seals the first product that is then passed on the conveyor through the shrink tunnel. During the shrinking, the following product can be sealed again. The Easy Shrink Packer seals and shrinks at the same position in the machine and you have to wait for it to shrink before the next product can be sealed.

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