Machines for wirebinding

Albyco delivers a wide range of document binding machines with wirebinding combs. A wiremachine offers you a professional result for producing documents up to 120 (or 240 sheets with wire 2:1). Pages can be turned completely, up to 3600. Wirebinding gives a professional, representative look to your documents. Simple systems can punch and closing in one machine. With heavy machines punching and closing will be done with 2 separate machines. This is to divide larger runs on several people.

A wiremachine for double loops wire binding combs has a function to punch round or square holes in paper. The punching capacity varies per machine and is clearly indicated with the machine. Some machines can handle sizes longer than A4. In that case 2 pieces of wire are used.

Any questions?
If you are unfamiliar with the different types of punch-binding machines or have any questions about the different machines, you can always contact our sales department. Call +31 162 486286 or by email

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