Albyco offers a wide range of creasingmachines, from simple manual systems up to fully automatic creasing machines.

What is creasing?
When you want to fold thicker material which is hard to fold, a crease can make a big difference. A crease is an incipient fold. When you crease first, you can easily make a precise fold. A score is formed in thicker paper or cardboard. By providing a crease in the thicker paper or cardboard then it shall be weaker and thereby easier to fold and tighter.

Different types of creasingsystems
The Albyco-range of creasers reaches from fully manual to fully automatic scoringmachines with air feederbelt.

The entry-level machines work completely manual. You have to set up the creaseposition manually and crease with a lever.
A next step is with a semi-automatic machine. I.e. the Stago NRM 330, GPM 450 and the GPM 450SA. With these machines you feed the machine manually and the machine takes the sheet over and places it in the correct position and creases it on the selected crease-distance.

Creasers can have further different additives. For example, some machines have the ability to rotate the creasing-knive, so you can change the creasingwidth. Some machines can be used to perforate.

What to look for…
When choosing a creaser it is important to know what kind of material you want to score. It makes a difference between creasing inked prints and toner based printing. In case of printing with ink into the paper and is not as vulnerable anymore. Creasing with a rotating blade can often fine. With print work, in which toner is on the paper, the paper is considerably more vulnerable. Creasing with a rotating knife caused visible fracture in the toner surface, particularly in solid areas. Toner-printed documents needs creasing with a creasing-knive.
Suctionfeed or frictionfeed?
For electric creasingsystems we distinguish between friction and air machines. Again, we look back to the type of paper, ink or toner. Friction machines grab the paper what firmer, using feeder rollers. This can only blemish of loose toner on the sheets. The same applies if an ink-printed document is not completely dry. Even then the feeder rollers can become somewhat polluted and put it on the following pages. Especially to solve this problem, the air suctionfeed system has been developed. With the aid of a feeder belt to the paper is pulled into the machine, without exerting force on the paper. This suction air is adjustable, allowing heavier paper can be properly implemented.
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