Desk roll laminators

Desktop roll-laminators are working with rolls with laminatingfilm. Desktop roll-laminators are the most commonly used laminating machines using laminatingfilm on roll.

Applications for rollaminators
These machines are very flexible for a wide variety of tasks. In addition to standard applications, laminating custom paper sizes, large series of small sizes, small series large formats, desk roll-laminators are a useful addition for example to the bindingsystems of Fastbind. This bindingsystems for soft- and hardcover books perfectly combines the capabilities of example GMP Excelam Smart series for lamination of soft and hard covers and applying the prints on the greyboard.

Interested in a desktop roll-laminator?
If you are interested in a desktop roll-laminator and if you want more information about these systems, please contact Albyco. Call +31 162 486286 or contact our indoorsales department.

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