Laminating Pouches

Laminating pouches are used for laminating. These are available in many different types. On this page we give an overview of the available materials and their many applications.

Laminating with laminatingpouches
When laminating pouches with hot melt adhesive (EVA) melts between the cover (PET) and the paper. Before the cover is laminated, it looks like a insertpocket. Insert the document so that it wil be clamped into the laminatingsheet. Albyco laminatingpouches have a special antistatic finish. This allows (often statically loaded) printed sheets much simpler, more accurate, and are inserted much more quickly. Albyco pouches so offer unique advantages: higher quality, time saving and ease in use!

Kinds of laminating pouches
Albyco offers laminatingpouches in differents sorts and sizes. To make it easier for making the right choice we made a summary below:

The laminatingsheets with gloss finish are the common-used pouches. Albyco delivers these in several size, from creditcard size up to DIN A2.

The difference between these matte pouches and the standard glossy pouches is the finish of the PET-layer. Sheets with a matt finish protects against scratches and fingerprints. You can write on it with a pencil and erase it like it is written on paper.

Filex hoezen are provided with punched holes for attaching them in a ringbinder. Filex-pouches have a glossy finish.

These Self-adhesive laminatingsheets are provided with a adhesive backside, which is protected by a protectionsheet. In this way laminated artwork can be used as a sticker. Glossy finish.

Display size:
Display size sheets have a gross A format, so they fit perfectly into A-size displays

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