Albyco offers an exceptionally wide range of machines for the finishing and processing of your valuable documents. The starting point for the selection of machines is the demand in the market to supply everything what is used in printshops, major offices, professional photographers, etc. Due to the technical developments and the great influence of digitization in these markets, Albyco’s delivery package is also strongly focused on the specific needs of the special features of digital printing.
We would like to give you a summary of the different categories:

Are you looking for a punching machine or would you like to buy a binding machine for thermal bonding of printed matter? Punch-binding-machines can close both punching and closing the plastic ring or metal wire-o binding-ring. On such a machine only one person can work at the same time. Do you want to work with two people at the same time? Then you can buy a heavier binder and a separate system to punch. Heavier systems can only punch or bind.
The machines are in different price ranges and each have their own binding capacity; binding with plastic binding rings up to 490 sheets, binding with wire-o 3:1 up to 120 sheets, 2:1 up to 250 sheets. The binding-capacity with hot glue-machines depends on the system. On our pages we explain all the differences:

With a creaser, you can easily crease thicker paper and cardboard. A crease is a beginning fold. When you crease, you can better fold it.

Business card cutters
With a business card cutter, you can quickly and easily cut all sorts of business cards. The simple solutions cut a standard size ticket, the more advanced machines cut a variety of sizes and can often also crease and perforate.

Cutting machines
Albyco delivers a remarkable wide range of cutting machines; table scissors, roller blades, foam cutters, manual, electric and hydraulic guillotines. In addition to these wide line machines, the package also consists of spare knives and cutting sticks.

In virtually any paperwork, machines work better when the paper is tightly stacked. A paperjogger is then indispensable. Albyco offers paperjoggers of the German quality brand Stago.

Albyco offers efficient solutions for both stapling and loopstapling attachments. The Stago-USM staples can attach up to 250 sheets!

Bookletmakers are the standard solutions for stapling and folding sets of separate sheets to brochures. The more advanced models are expandable with feeders, squarefold and trimmers.

Met een vouwmachine vouwt u uw documenten automatisch. Vouwmachines vouwen snel en nauwkeurig al uw brieven, mailings en folders. Albyco levert machines met frictie en luchtinvoer. Er zijn ook machines die kunnen vouwen én hechten oftewel brocheren, het gaat dan om een vouwhechtmachine.

The drilling of holes in paper or other materials is of course the easiest way to do this with a specially designed machine. With the Stago drilling range, including the impressive package of paper drills, Albyco has a lot of efficient and efficient solutions.

Roundcornering, tabcutting
Albyco has well-known brands for both round corners and calendar punches. Stago, Albyco and OMM are all guaranteed professional results.

With a professional paper shredder, you can shred your confidential documents so they can no longer be read. Albyco paper cutter is compact, easy to move, very quiet and very user-friendly. All paper shredders each have their own security factor, so you can find the right system for your own personal situation.

More information
Are you interested in purchasing one of the machines that you can use to complete documents? Contact our sales department at or 0162 486 286. We are ready to advise you on the type of finishing system that fits your organization best.