Large format hotlaminating

Hotlaminating with standard PET-film offers a higher contrast, more color depth, than coldlamination with PVC-film. Moreover, PET film is advantageous. Because of the wide range of film types for these machines you can always combine the correct laminatingfilm with your paper for best results.
Hotlaminating with PET film offers the best results for indoor use, such as scholarship presentations, demonstrations, education, etc. Hot lamination is less suitable for long-term outdoor use. The PET film passes UV-rays, which can fade the print / printed colors. For outdoor use, the application of PVC film is more suitable.

Albyco delivers rollaminating-systems for hot lamination up to a width of 220 cm. These machines are ideally suited for a variety of tasks. The versatility of these professional solutions they are a welcome addition to all common types of large format printers, both ink and toner.

Albyco supplies various machines and the associated pouches and laminating film. See what options we have to offer. If you want somewhere more information about you can do a request. We will then contact you.
For information you can also call without obligation or mail our office staff. In addition, there are several options to demonstrate these systems in our showroom. Call +31 162 486286.

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