Sheetlaminating, pouch laminating, for cards, photos, price cards, educational materials, playing materials, i.e.. For a solid two-sided protection. The enclosed edges protects against moisture and dirt optimally.
Pouchlaminating works with a pouch- or sheetlaminator. Generally this type of lamination is the most known and most commonly used for laminating small format prints (up to DIN A2).

Laminating with laminatingpouches
When laminating pouches with hot melt adhesive (EVA) melts between the cover (PET) and the paper. Before the cover is laminated, it looks like a insertpocket. Insert the document so that it wil be clamped into the laminatingsheet. Albyco laminatingpouches have a special antistatic finish. This allows (often statically loaded) printed sheets much simpler, more accurate, and are inserted much more quickly. Albyco pouches so offer unique advantages: higher quality, time saving and ease in use!

Albyco pouches feature an innovative EVA glue application. The top layer, which is the first to come into contact with the paper, has a lower melting point than the bottom layer. This therefore melts faster and thinner in the paper and thereby perfectly equalizes the unevenness in the paper. The lower base layer then provides a very strong adhesion between the PET film and the paper. The result is a very beautiful and contrasting laminated paper!
After the pouch includes a document you can start laminating. Insert the sleeve, with document, into slot of the laminator. The machine picks up the laminate by means of the heated conveyor rollers. These roles have a threefold function: transporting the pouch through the machine, heating the adhesive in the sleeve and pressing of the molten adhesive in the paper. These transport rollers are so important for a constant processing quality.
Pouchlaminators comes in sizes from A4 to A2, from easy to hard and fast professional

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