Sleeking is the application of a high-gloss color foil on printed matter with the help of toner. This application is a superb addition to business cards, brochures or luxury family printing.

Sleeking, step-by-step:
In short: To apply the sleeking foil to a print, it is first laminated. The laminated print is then printed again, whereby the surfaces to be sleeked (eg a text) are provided with black toner. It is then sleeked, not with lamination foil, but with sleeking foil. By heating the print, by the heated laminating roller, the toner will stick. As a result, the sleeking foil will adhere to the laminated print and the result is a strikingly beautiful print with clear glossy foil text or image!

All information about sleeking can be found here!

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