Large Format Cold Roll Laminators

Cold-laminating is the standard solution for laminating posters and advertising ads for outdoor-use. Cold-lamination is done with PVC film that naturally blocks UV-rays. This keeps ink and toner intact. Albyco provides a number of types of PVC film, each with an own durabilty. This depends on the type of glue which is applied.
PVC is not completely transparent, it has a faint gray light blue color. Basically not really visible, but not as nice as clear PET film. Many Cold Laminators can heat up to approx. 60 0C. This function is used to heaten up the adhesive so that it flows more rapidly in the paper, in order to prevent silvering.

‘Cold’ lamination devices are often more economical to purchase comparing with hotlaminators. The cold-film however, is some more expensive. This also makes Cold Laminating a practical solution for small runs in between, because a the machine there is no need to warm up the machine.

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