The Brands of Albyco

Albyco offers an unprecedented selection of quality products from top brands. Starting point in the selection of this delivery package is the applicability in the workflow within the finishing of graphic products. With these Brands of Albyco literally delivers everything that is needed after printing, to bind the sheets, to cut, laminate, drill, fold, stitch, etc. On the product pages we show what the various systems can do for you and we try to support you with the selection for the best system in the workplace.

We would like to list all brands:

Albyco produces a wide range of machines and supplies for the complete finishing of documents. In addition to the standard binding and laminating solutions, Albyco has also developed a series of highly efficient systems that are often produced in Asia. Albyco delivers throughout Europe.
AVC AVC Sealing Solutions offers a wide range of packing-solutions for sealing and shrinking. For graphic finished products, sealing and then shrinking is a perfect packaging solution; the packaging is dust- and waterproof, always the right size and on the outside it is easy to see what is in it.
Bomco Since 1949, the German company Bohm + Co GmbH has been active as a manufacturer of punching systems for plastic binding rings and double loop wire. The current delivery package includes two solid and heavy binding systems.
Cyklos Cyklos is a traditional Czech company with 85 years of experience. From 1950 to the late 1980s, Cyklos was the main supplier of stencils for the Eastern Bloc and the Comecon countries. Cyklos builds creasing and perforating machines and folding systems.
Duplo Albyco exclusively offers Duplo machines on the Dutch market. Duplo offers durable, highly accurate automated print finishing technology that enables customers to change paper in good communication and grow their business. Duplo is only available in the Netherlands.
Ideal Ideal is a part of the German Krug & Priest. Ideal produces papershredders, rollcutters, board cutters and guillotines, which are used worldwide.
Fastbind Fastbind machines and consumables are developed and produced by Maping Co., a Finnish family company that has grown from a simple workshop into one of the leading producers in the digital finishing environment in just a few years. Albyco has been working closely with Maping Co. from the beginning. Fastbind is only available in the Netherlands.
GBC GBC was founded in 1947 and has since then become a multinational in office, school and repro products. GBC is headquartered in Northbrook, Chicago, USA and manufacturing companies in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
GMP Albyco is the exclusive distributor of GMP in the Netherlands. GMP is a producer of a wide range of laminating systems and laminating supplies within a worldwide distribution network. GMP is an important pioneer in the development of high-tech laminating and plasticising techniques. GMP is only available in the Netherlands.
HSM HSM paper shredders are produced in Germany. HSM is a specialist in the field of data destruction. This is visible, for example, in the extensive program of no less than 172 different machines, each system with specific properties with regard to cutting capacity, cutting width, oil, suitable for (micro-) films, CDs / DVDs and metal recognition.
JBI James Burn International, JBI, produces an extensive range of professional punching and binding equipment. The DocuPunch®, AlphaDoc® and EX series punching machines manufactured in France are known worldwide for their robust construction, efficient operation, ease of use and punching quality. JBI is only available in the Netherlands.
Kapa KapaFix foam board is used for mounting paper or foils (without adhesive layer) Kapafix is easy to cut to size, also through the grid print.
KW-triO KW-triO produces efficient solutions for cutting sheets of paper by means of roll cutters and board cutters.
Mohr MOHR is a trademark of Adolf Mohr Maschinenfabrik, established in 1906 as a mechanical workshop. From then on, the company focuses not only on products, but also climbed from a local supplier to the world’s largest supplier of high-speed cutting machines. Mohr is only available in the Netherlands.
Multigraf Multigraf produces heavy professional solutions for folding and creasing. The Touchline machines are modularly constructed so you can put the system together according to your needs and insights. Multigraf is only available in the Netherlands.
Neolt Neolt is an Italian producer of roll cutters and folding machines for large formats. The product range is wide. The machines are a perfect addition to our range of large format laminators. The roll cutters are available in various cutting lengths and cutting capacities, electrically and manually.
Planatol Planatol produces adhesives for a wide range of industries and they have extensive know-how in the production of adhesives for the graphic industry. These include adhesives for bookbinding and block glueing. In addition to a wide selection of low-cost standard adhesives, they offer innovative glue systems.
Powis The Powis concept is based on two inseparable parts: a state-of-the-art binding machine and innovative binding strips in fifteen stylish colors. Together, these two components offer unique opportunities. Powis is only available in the Netherlands.
Renz Renz is a German manufacturer of punching and binding systems for wire and plastic binding rings. The productrange offers documentbinding solutions for small offices up to heavy production environments, from simple and manual up to advanced and fully automated systems.
Stago Stago is a German designer and manufacturer of solid finishing systems such as paper drills, stitchers and paperjoggers. Functionality, accuracy and ease of use are the starting point for the design, a guarantee for a very long-lasting pleasant use. Stago is only available in the Netherlands.
Unibind Unibind supplies thermal binding files in which the inside of the adhesive backing is provided with a metal U-profile. As a result, the paper in the glue will be better fixed when the document is opened.