Under ‘Documentfinishing‘ we share a wide range of disciplines. Albyco supplies machines with which paper can be cut, folded, attached, gathered, drilled, knotted, shredded or packed. In short, everything that is used after printing and printing.

Paper shredder
With a paper shredder you can shred your confidential documents so that they can no longer be read. A professional Albyco paper shredder is compact, easy to move, very quiet and very user-friendly. All paper shredders have their own security factor, so that you can find the right system for your own personal situation.

With a creasing machine you can easily crease thick paper and cardboard. A crease is a beginning fold. When you crease, you can better apply a nicer fold to thicker paper or cardboard. Another important application of creasing is for folding prints with full-surface printing on the back. With a standard folding machine there is a good chance that the toner will break, which detracts from the quality and appearance of the printing. If a crease is applied for folding with a crease bar, the toner remains intact for a nice and professional result.

There are manual creasing machines and fully automatic creasing machines.

Businesscard cutters
With a business card cutter, you can quickly and easily cut all types of business cards. The simple solutions cut a standard format card, the more advanced machines cut a multitude of formats and often can also crease and perforate.

Cutting machines
Albyco supplies a large range of cuttingsystems, i.e. guillotines, papertrimmers, manual, electric and hydraulic. In addition to these wide line machines, the package also consists of spare blades and cutting bars.

With almost every paper operation, machines work better when the paper is neatly stacked. A paperjogger is then indispensable. Albyco offers vibrating tables from the German quality brand Stago.

Albyco offers efficient solutions for both blockstitching and stacking. Up to 250 sheets can be stitched with Stago staplingmachines.

Bookletmakers are the standard solutions for stapling and folding sets of loose sheets to brochures. The more advanced models are expandable with feeders, squarefold and trimmers.

With a paperfolder you fold your documents automatically. These machines fold all your letters, mailings and folders, quickly and accurately . Albyco supplies machines with frictionfeed or suctionfeed.

The drilling of holes in paper, or in other materials, is of course the easiest with a specially developed machine for this purpose. With the Stago drilling machine range, including the impressive package of paper drills, Albyco offers attractive and efficient solutions.

Both for round corners and calendar punches Albyco has renowned brands on offer. Round corner machines from Stago, Albyco and OMM all guarantees professional results.

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