Albyco has been involved in documentbinding in her early years. All of its products were sold to end users such as brokers, notaries, consultants, etc. Due to its volume growth, Albyco was able to import consumables per container from the Far East. Due to these purchasing advantages, the focus was also placed outside the Netherlands. Over the years, major distributorships were created, which allowed Albyco to acquire a unique position in its market. The most important are: GMP (Laminating), Powis (Document Binding), Fastbind (Personalized Photo Albums) and three suppliers from Canada, USA and Germany joined the Albyco label to complete the sign-range. Current situation: Albyco has a strong dominant position on the Dutch market regarding its focus products. In Europe, Albyco works with dealers and distributors of Albyco labeled machines and consumables. The main exporting countries are: Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Hungary.