For print & offset

With the introduction of digital printing systems, in addition to the traditional printing press, a lot has changed on the graphic work floor. Due to the high print quality and the constantly decreasing cost price of the digital workflow, this has caused a major shift in the market. Print is much more flexible than offset; more jobs, smaller runs.

√ Ink and toner

Coupled with the specific properties of toner printing, such as the sensitivity of toner, smoother and harder kinds of paper or static loading of the paper, much more finishing systems are expected than the machines that are used for the finishing of printed matter. That is why Albyco offers finishing systems that are an perfect solution for both paper flows.

√ VolumeNaturally, the volume to proces is an important starting point. For smaller quantities, the choice for simple, compact solutions is obvious. When convenience and appearance are an important issue, Powis‘ automatic document binding systems offer creative answers. For the larger print runs, Albyco supplies a professional package of finishing systems; e.g. Mohr cutting machines, Duplo multipurpose finishing lines, folding, creasing and perforation systems from Multigraf, single-sided laminating solutions from GMP. Characteristic of all these systems is the universal availability for print and printing!

√ The added value of Albyco

It is precisely this exceptional mix of innovative brands that distinguishes Albyco. In order to make the difference for your organization, Albyco also has a very professional sales and service team. To work with you, to find the best solution for your company. Call us today for an appointment!

Powis, Mohr, Duplo, GMP are only available in the Netherlands